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A few facts about us.

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Started 2009

From 1 person and 0 words to 12 employees and 4 million words. Gosh what a journey!


12 employees

All our writers have different specialities and love to get the pen glowing for whatever subject you throw at them.


4'000'000 words

Thats the amount of high quality content in Swedish we have delivered.


Leet Networks AB

This is the name of the company which holds the trademark jally.se and provides you with jolly good content.

You're in good hands

Some of our proud customers

Customers have such nice things to say..

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I have looked over and under for a good company to provide me with Swedish web content. Jally knows what they're doing! I ordered a rather large batch of articles and had them written in perfect, native Swedish!

Roger Willfred
Holder One Mission LTD

I've used Jally for two years now and they haven't missed a deadline yet!

Pathric Smith
Runs multiple companies

Transparent pricing

No order is too big or small. No spooky hidden charges - just great content.

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Frequently asked questions
What subjects can I order?

Everything! Our writers have a broad range of knowledge and experience, we can handle everything!

Can you offer discounts?

Well, our prices are low as they are, but we always try to give some benefits to our loyal customers.

What's the cost?

Our standard price is ¢ 5 / word, this applies to most orders, otherwise we give you a quote based on volume, topic and the amount of research needed.

Our story - the long version

Are you looking for SEO-content articles for your website? Do you want to improve the web content of your website? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Jally we specialise in SEO-content articles – and as for subject areas, you have unlimited choice! We can write about anything and everything our clients require. We are solely out to compose articles for you, our client, and pride ourselves in never missing deadlines.

The importance of web content in general is increasing on a daily basis due to the still-expanding internet. Millions of companies have made their success through the internet, and a lot of that success begins from being noticed by the general public. To get noticed, you need to ensure search engine optimization (SEO) and have good social media marketing (SMM). There are many ways to achieve this, one way being articles that include SEO-content – which is where we come in. A higher SEO-ranking results in your website being more visible, which will lead to more visitors; also boosting your website’s ranking due to popularity.

Who are we?

Our company was launched in 2009, and since then we have written over 4 million words worth of text for our clients. We are a very close-knit team of people who work together to produce high-quality articles. All of our employees have special skills, ranging from languages to in-depth knowledge of different subject areas. All of these skills are put in use to help you to the highest capability.

What do we write about?

We are very flexible and are all able to research and write about whatever subject area our clients are looking for. We have already worked with a variety of companies including Crystone and TopVisible.

Why choose Jally?

Well, first of all we can promise high-quality articles in every subject area; and secondly, we can offer extremely low prices of ¢5 per word! We also deliver all our articles quickly, since we know all our clients work on tight schedules. In summary, we can write large batches of articles proficiently, quickly, and to an excellent price – choose Jally, and we will promise you success!

Always available for
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